BREAKING NEWS: Martin O’Neill Resigns as Aston Villa Boss

Wow, I didn’t see this one coming and actually never expected Martin O’Neill (picture left) to quit as Aston Villa Boss. Martin O’Neill was obviously frustrated at seeing the club being unable to hold on their key players. last year Gareth Barry, England holding midfielder and one of the longest Aston Villa serving players, left the club for new richest club Manchester City for a use transfer fee. Martin O’Neill did all he has to do to protect the Club from losing their key players but, they obviously didn’t see eye to eye on the value this money represented for the club.

So Gareth Barry was finally allowed to leave. Recently, James Milner and Ashley Young, two promising English players the best at their position in their club are also being linked with bigger clubs. For sure James Milner will leave for Manchester City, and Ashley Young is hoping to get to Liverpool maybe. O’Neill departed the club just five days before the beginning of the Barclays Premier League leaving Everton, Liverpool FC, Tottenham and Manchester City to battle it out for fourth place.

Aston Villa were a threat to those clubs as they were a highly competitive club under Martin O’Neill. But seeing the Gaffer go, i don’t see them playing in Europe next year Unless a better manager comes into place. This is surely the end of a reign for Villa and Villa fan, being 6th for two years running. That will leave Villa open for transfer request for players like Ashley Young and Gabriel Agbonlahor. Wish Martin O’Neill the best and his pedigree speaks for itself, he will soon have another job. Maybe, the England Job, i wish him that very much so :).

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition,;) C.D


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