Best strategy in doing Links Exchange

Buying linksAfter some time in the SEO industry, i think while looking at mistakes lot of companies do makes, i finally said to myself i need to write that down. Big Internet companies can always have a competitive hedge on smaller one if they do bribe smaller on-line website to acquire more notoriety.

As i pointed before in my article referring to Backlinks, a way for a search engine and other on-line companies to see that you’ve got credibility over the Internet is via the number of Backlinks you have. I will invite you to take a look at this article and have a better understanding of Backlinks if you wish.

Request a link exchangeManagers or in-house SEO traffic managers are looking at easy ways to make life simple and better for them but they lack an understanding of  Internet marketing strategy. They the trick with that is you need a constant visibility on your links to avoid broken links that you paid for. You need a much more cost investment of course for a quick expansion on the net. They totally refuted the idea of Links exchange which is seen some how as a negative action by search engines or let say Google.

Well i doubt if the right Links Exchange strategy is put in place Google or other search engine will be seeing it as a bad action to do. Of course not making any effort is easily recognizable when you do as many straight Links Exchange. By straight Links Exchange i mean linking all your websites in between them, and exchanging straight forward from one website to another. That is easily detected by search engines robot.

BloggerMy vision of Links Exchange has always been the same ever since i started in Search Engine Optimization and according to me it is on of the best way to proceed. Every website owner should have at least two websites or a sort of Editorial space on the site. The main business representing one site and a sort of magazine site representing the other site or the editorial space. Effort needs to be put in to have better result and this is where for me a web-redactor (in-house blogger of the magazine) comes into actions unless you can be that web-editor as well.

Your Links Exchange strategy is build. Your main website (the landing pages you want to protect) will receive all the Backlinks, nothing more. The second website or editorial space will deal with both, receiving Backlinks as well as providing your Links Exchange so that it still keeps a balance. Why?

Link ExchangePeople are more sensible about the idea of Links Exchange because they want to positioned themselves as well. So by offering them the opportunity to grow on the Internet you have more of a chance for them to accept your proposal. Do not make a preference for bigger websites.

A link directing to you from a bigger site count for one vote just as a link from a smaller site. of course bigger site linking to you have more value in terms of trust from Search Engine but the faster you build yourself with smaller site, the bigger you’ll end up being.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 C.D


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