What do you think of Gay wedding?

Judge Vaughn Walker (pictured), recently reviewed the decision on ban for gay wedding in California. The state of California banned all gay wedding in 2008 but allowed the previous wedding to stay put. Recently, a gay couple opened up the case again saying the ban on gay wedding violated the US constitution. Proposition 8 in the constitution banned all same sex marriage.

According to experts, allowing gay wedding would help them mentally, give them more legal child protection, reduce discrimination and give gay couples more political power. Last minute i check i didn’t know gay could have have children; And if you talk about adopting then it’s still not really legal so i don’t see it as a valid point.

Supporters of Proposition 8 are of course against any gay wedding and ironically used one unique argument, It would protect children and traditional marriage. Judge Vaughn was of course treated of gay for reconsidering even though the protesters argued they are more likely to molest children. I don’t specifically believe this last argument but i get cold feet thinking a children will be raised by a gay. It’s just that i am not used to it not that it’s the worse thing ever, lot of gays came out of “normal families”, why did they turned gay then? how come they did end up like that then?

I personally couldn’t hear anything to do about gay not a while ago. But traveling helped me a lot and now it’s more like i can understand what is going on with gay. Lot of them didn’t want to specially but felt they should have been like that. Is that true? i don’t know. I am sure everything start with the education. It can’t be that you’re born and you turn into a killer just for the sake of it. No, you saw things that influenced you, just as the gay did. Even if you were born a man but felt like a girl while growing up, if your surrounding didn’t influence you, you’ll be a man. that’s my point.

Like some people said, it’s a grown up decision between two men and women. So they should be free of doing it. But for me it’s really not the case because gay considers themselves as equal to straight which is not true at all. We are obviously different. And if we are different, we might as well let polygamy not being a problem as it’s a decision of several adults. But no it’s seen as a bad thing from everyone eyes (specially me). Just as i am sure you can’t love two persons with the same intensity i believe gay should have never been made so public.

Now we’re forced to watched them kiss on TV in sitcoms and movies, common, it’s disgusting. As far as i know there is still over 80% of the population which is straight maybe more but i don’t want to have any surprises. I really don’t hate gay couples but please, respect the other that were there before, meaning the straight and buy yourself some time for us to be able to cope with it. i mean if we ever can… next article on gay adopting Children.

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