Cesc fabregas silence means he wants to leave!!

As a devoted Arsenal fan, i do not want to see Cesc Fabregas leave. Cesc Fabregas right now, is the heart and soul of Arsenal FC. In every team you have someone that is just that. Just like Cristiano Ronaldo was for Manchester United FC before departing for Real Madrid FC. When talking about class for a footballer in the Barclays Premier league, everyone will refer to Arsenal prodigy young Cesc Fabregas who join the club from Barcelona FC aged 16. Arsène Wenger turned him into a pro already at a young age, 17.

Cesc Fabregas (BBC young Footballer of the year for 2 years running) showed glimpse of his talent straight away. After the invincible season of Arsenal FC in 2003-2004, he merged into the main man as most first team of that era left the club. And Cesc Fabregas commanded the middle of the park as if he had 10 years experience.The only problem Cesc had was his physical condition as most arsenal player does, they are all weak physically and get easily kicked around.

Cesc never won anything with Arsenal football club while captaining the side unless recognition for being the best midfielder the country had experience for the past 5 years. But recently Cesc toped that with a European and World Cup trophy both won in 2008 and 2010 with Spain.Fabregas was the decisive passer in the Final of this year World cup staged in South Africa which Andrès Iniesta (picture right) from Barcelona FC converted with a right volley in the six yard box.

Cesc Fabregas entered the Spanish legend as being the decisive passer of what looked to be Spain First World Cup Trophy. Yes Cesc helped Spain win it so the least is he might cost in the region of £60 million, why? Because before the World Cup, Cesc was priced at around £40 million, why? For being Arsenal best midfielder, Barclays Premier League best midfielder, and for scoring a goal against his beloved team Barcelona FC in the quarter-final with a broken leg. Plus if a player like James Milner has a price tag of £30 million, i let you imagine how much should Cesc be valued at…

El NinoNonetheless, his counter part Fernando Torres dubbed “El nino” (picture), Liverpool FC striker, came out and committed himself to the club yesterday and ended all speculation about him going there and there.For a professional, a high profile figure in the sport, I think Fernando Torres deserve some round of applause even if this is what every professional should normally do, commit or leave. Cesc Fabregas in his case ain’t doing that and something tells me he wants to see the door of the club but Arsène Wenger dubbed “the magician” won’t let him happen so quick and cheap specially if he’s going to be a bench warmer while we need him in our A team.

Above all i will be sad if Cesc Fabregas leaves like i was when Patrick Viera, Robert Pires, Alexander Helb did and all the rest but he should leave at the right price. All those players that left were replaceable that’s how we discovered Cesc Fabregas, because he had a chance to shine.  So my conclusion is come out straight and end the speculation by committing or leaving the club that gave you a name…

With lot of love

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 C.D



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