Yahoo and their stupid titles, now they attacked Ivory Coast!!

I came across this stupid title on Yahoo uk.eurosport while browsing it. I am not going to lie, this Yahoo sport site is one of my favourite, but the stupid comments or title you can have on it sometimes is just hilarious, and most of the time have nothing to do with the content of the page. Write such titles on a country Ivory Coast ‘can’t afford’ Sven Goran Erikson is a bit too much. It doesn’t show any respect toward Ivory Coast at all. Imagine people who focus on title only and move on from there?!!

I remember 3 to 4 years ago, Sven Goran Erickson (pictured above with Didier Drogba) being England coach but they sacked him for a reason, results. A coach is judged on his results and Yahoo should be judged on their pathetic comments they keep posting on their website like there is no control whatsoever. I am sure if Ivory Coast did not keep him is based on his result. And when you have a bit of brain and do a simple logic, I am sure his value for money was just not acceptable. I don’t want to be a negative tongue to Sven Goran Erickson but Yahoo is not helping me here. The last time Sven Goran Erickson managed a great team is way back and he hasn’t showed any consistency yet.

England players (some of them) might be good jokers but as a team, England is just crap, we all know it. And if you base Sven Goran Erickson carrier (last 5years) on this country, he will be judge as shit as the Country he managed himself. Not even Sweden would want his services. England just gave him a big name (thanks to Yahoo) with a low conversion rate (victories and trophies).

Sven gave Ivory Coast a lot of stability at the back but it didn’t help anyway as a coach need to give everything in order for his team to win. Ivory Coast lacked flawless passing at the front against their world cup opponent. England at his time and still now always lacked that bit of Spanish passing.

Ivory Coast CAN AFFORD Sven Goran Erickson but based on value for money yes he is too expensive. So next time Yahoo please revise your articles first.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 C.D



  1. So true. This guy commands a sky high salary for no seizable results. Tactical mistakes and his lack of knowledge concerning Ivory coast’s players cost them at least the victory against Portugal.

  2. I think the title isn’t as offensive as u put it… they can’t afford him, of course they talk about money. its surely not the first time that yahoo used such a title… i’m sure u’ll find other titles like… france can’t afford, germany can’t afford… i don’t think its offensive, don’t take it personally

    1. Once you read the content yes it’s not but the title alone is and this is just to attract people to read about it… But when they will say you can’t afford a pen only for the pen to look rubbish to you we’ll see whaty’all say about that ;).; Remember just a PEn.. You cant afford it hahahaha

  3. @Anthony, men it’s a title… I am not taking it personnal but as hermann said it’s a tittle and it’s everything. As my Article mentioned as well, the title is enough for you to have a judgment. After all it’s an African country so we might as well think they do not have money isnt it?

  4. Well sure it is but the title is frustrating… He was too expensive for not being good enough.. I am sure they wouldn’t have any problem if we’d have reach the quarter-final 🙂

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