Who’s got it for you between Jlo, Beyoncé and Shakira?

After Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo round of applause, let’s welcome the 3 most sexy women on the planet certainly for the extra attributes they got 😉 . Let’s yourself speak and girls please don’t be jealous only vote. And guys it’s just a vote not a source for… From left to right to ignorant only, Jennifer Lopez (white dress), Beyonce (with tight jeans), Sharika (with the gold leggings).

Thanks for following me, see in the next edition. 😉 C.D



  1. Nice post! 3 of them are popular and each of them had Best Hit Songs. But if I really got to choose who among them got for me is… Beyonce. She’s still sexy and a very nice voice.

  2. J.lo was one of my favorite singer to listen and watch, Beyonce its different cuz back in the days was more about her voice than the shape, but Shakira got the can-do attitude…So the answer is simple: She wolf…
    Remember something, its about the size but how you put it in value.

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