Zahia Dehar might help Raymond Domenech get a job!!

Ex French National Coach Raymond Domenech have been at his lowest since failing to pass the first round of this year world coup in South Africa with les Bleus. His team performance in South Africa has been tarnished by scandals surrounding the players and the Boycott of training session during the World cup.

The scandal was the affair surrounding some players for having sex with a prostitute bimbo Zahia Dehar when she was 16 years of age. An investigation involving Karim Benzema and Franck Ribery respectively playing for Real Madrid and Bayern Munich is still ongoing.

Since those Fiasco, Raymond Domenech professional future has been at stake as new appointed interim President of the French Football Federation, Fernand Duchaussoy wants him to hand in his resignation letter. The FFF replaced him with ex Bordeaux coach Laurent Blanc.

Looking at it this way the obvious plan left for Raymond Domenech is to maybe have a movie with Zahia Dehar entitled the opposite destiny of a coach and a prostitute.

Why opposite? Domenech after all is a good man but somehow tarnished his public image while Zahia Dehar in contrast is a prostitute who helped boost her image. And in case you didn’t know, Domenech is passionated about acting. So this will be the perfect occasion for people to better understand their intentions through the big screen. Maybe Zahia Dehar had no choice but to get into this sort of life!! Maybe…

As a coach, I don’t see Raymond Domenech getting into a club as he doesn’t look like a man who can manage a group for far too long.  Domenech is a coach and i am sure he’s got some technical qualities but who will take him? Even a conference side will think twice. Most professional in the Sport turned into consultants but seeing what Domenech did in South Africa, TV’s channel better sign me up for that role.

Raymond D. might end up working as an astrologer as we all know his team selection was based on that and the result weren’t blistering at all. I read that Domenech is passionate about poker and went even to play in the Las Vegas main event back in 2009 with a $10000 entry fee.

Domenech lasted only 6 hours while his girlfriend Estelle Denis (picture on the left)took the 203rd place on the 6494 registered with 37000 dollars gain.Well Domenech do have enough time now on his hand to improve his skills.

Last thing R. Domenech might want to consider is being a full time dedicated dad to his two children.My advice, please Domenech don’t get them involve with football as your name is tarnished forever.

Personally i really don’t feel a bit sorry for you at times but every man deserves a second chance. Grab yours with Zahia Dehar and don’t get too cocky 🙂 LMAO.



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