Zahia Affair: Benzema denied, Ribery confessed!!

This story started a while ago before even the Champions league final in Madrid. The Zahia affair surrounding top French footballers have been going on for a while now and personally it does not make any sense.

Karim Benzema and Franck Ribery have bought been put under judicial investigation for this matter and Hatem Ben Arfa have been heard by the police as well by cleared of any wrong doing.

Franck Ribery, Bayern Munich midfielder,  told the police that he had sex with the girls as Zahia didn’t come alone. Zahia dragged a friend along to meet Frank Ribery and Kamel in Munich back in April 2009. Their meeting was arranged by a close friend of Franck Ribery Karim R who managed the flight, the Hotel, the Taxi all financed by Ribery.

Kamel and Franck Ribery then had sex with Zahia and her friend and even exchanged partners throughout the night. They must have been in their own paradise, that’s what money get you, Prostitute and Problem. Could you image Ribery‘s face while having his orgasms? LMAO. But did you ask yourself one question for a minute? If Zahia was under age, how did she fool the air traffic control? Or Zahia’s friend w acting as her mum? Or did they had an offer they couldn’t refuse before Zahia took the flight? LOL

Ribery concluded, we then left the girls (Zahia and co) and i went home (to my wife and kids :() with Kamel. i left 100€ for the Zahia and her friend to buy some food and go out the next day. But if i knew she was under age i would have never had sex with her.

Common Franck Ribery, who on earth will travel to meet you, have sexual intercourse and wake up the next day alone in Germany for 100€? You didn’t know she was 16 fair enough, you admit you had sex with her fair enough but you did pay her loads of cash that’s a certainty. But dude you’re good enough for the French national team and you’ll be selected in no time :).

Karim Benzema, Real Madrid’s striker, in return denied having sexual intercourse with Prostitute Bimbo Zahia who stated having receive 700€ from. Karim Benzema refute every kind of ideas linking him to a prostitute network. Benzema said:

They (Zahia and co) come to have sex with me, for my name, because i have money, because they want to have a good time. I haven’t spoke to her, have never been presented to her, like lot of girls, they rote around footballers table. Maybe she needed to be shown on TV, or in the newspaper, that’s not my problem and as far as i am concerned i haven’t touched her.

Last weekend, Karim Benzema ex girlfriend testified that she spent the night with the latter. Zahia in return confirmed that she told the players she was 20 which should play in their favor anyway. Zahia‘s public profile has risen in the space of 3 months and she is well known world wide now.

Her publicity couldn’t have come at a better time. But please don’t over stress the players, they have to get mentally prepared for France in couple of months if we are to believe Laurent Blanc.

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