New Barclays Premier League rules

New English Barclays Premier League rules states that Club should provide their 25 men squad by the time the summer transfer window close including eight who have been at the club for three years before they turned 21.
The Under 21 players do not count meaning they come come in and out during the tournament and won’t be considered as a breaking rules. Premiership clubs can renew their list when the January transfer window opens.  This rule looks a bit like the world cup list transfer and have it’s good and bad.

Barclays premier league Clubs that rotate as often as they change their pant will be in trouble as the choice of sticking to the same player will be a hard one. In the other end i think it will help football clubs take important decisions on flop players.
This year competition looks brighter than ever with the new FA rule, the FIFA ball that was the hell of all goalkeepers at this year world cup in South Africa won by mighty Spain and i can’t wait for the Barclays premier league to resume coming August 14 with Arsenal FC entertaining Liverpool FC.



  1. Can you tell me which Premier League clubs are currently not in compliance with the new rules? Is it true that 8 of the 25 must be eligible to play for one of the UK teams (England, Scotland, etc)? How many clubs actually have 8 players like that?

  2. This rule is applied to every Premier League Club. Well saying 8 should be eligible to play for England (surely not Scotland as it’s an English competition not a UK one) wouldn’t make sense at all and create lot of confusion from foreign players and managers which could cause lot of departure. But i think they are trying to get there anyway. Arsenal does that’s all i can say. 🙂

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