Fun at Café OZ and The Guiness Tavern with My mates

Back in 2001 the café OZ was the spot when you wanted to meet foreigners and have deliberate fun. By deliberate fun i mean jumping on tables, dancing like you dreamed of, socializing and top of the cream speaking English.

It wasn’t known and appreciate that much by the French unless they came from abroad . The way to have Fun in those Anglo-Saxon Pubs are way different to the way French people party. The atmosphere in Café OZ is electric as well as the O’Sullivan, the Corcorans, the Irish pub and many more.It’s quite similar to the English pub in London or all over the UK.

Me and my friend use to have fun there and only there. The freedom of expression you had was just too good to envy other places. We were treated like Prince by the Doorman of Café OZ and still is today. There is no restriction on how to dress up but still people tend to turn up chic as most of them are from other countries and Café OZ was like a top night out. The barmaids were great, the service perfect that’s why Café OZ was ans still the place every time we look for some cheap cool funny nights to remember the old days.

Yes we don’t jump on table like we use to do but we have histories in this place. The way we look at the place and move around like it was our old house. It is really nice to feel at home somewhere where you can have.

I am of course not making an ad on them but just reminding my old friends of this great place and cherish it in our memory. It was ours. Of course i am referring to the café OZ located in rue St Denis in Chatelet squares. The one in Grand boulevard is just not my taste, just not comparable to the Chatelet’s one. The design is strange maybe because i am not use to it at all. I have been there one and never went there again but other people liked it so maybe it’s just about me.

In the Other hand we just went to the Guinness tavern (big up to Shoule Lay and Jihad )when we wanted to hide from every body and have a cool night. There you just sit and enjoy your time with your friend. You might end up with a a throat ache the next day for shouting too much as the music is so loud and sometimes very annoying.

But i always enjoy my time there because i am surrounded by the people i love. I don’t have too much of a love affair like i do with Café OZ but if you’re new in Paris and want to listen to a Live Rock Concert, that’s the place to be.

Thanks for following me and Big up to Sanna (miss u) , Jenny (miss u), Rudy and Jimmy 😉 C.D



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