Didier Deschamps refers to scum Bernard Tapie as role model!!Hilarious

Ex French world cup Champions with France in 1998, ex French captain and currently the coach of Marseille FC, Didier Deschamps (picture left) finally commented on the National French downfall Footballing situation. Like everyone, Didier Deschamps backed Laurent Blanc (picture right) and criticized the boycott of the players during this year world cup in South Africa.

In the magazine France Football Didier Deschamps stated that if Laurent Blanc ex Bordeaux FC coach is the man for this situation, he wouldn’t be able to do it on his own. Is D.Deschamps trying to have a second Job on board of the FFF? Wouldn’t be a bad choice as Didier Deschamps won the French league this year like his ex colleague Laurent Blanc did years Ago.

No matter what Didier Deschamps (pictured with Bernard Tapie) says about what every French player should do when selected they will never come close to the image of the English players toward their national side and that’s a fact. I think for Didier Deschamps to take Bernard Tapie as a role model to pass his message is totally wrong and shows you just how they’re all blinded.

This is what D.Deschamps said exactly: “I had the chance to have Bernard Tapie as a president who early explained to me the difference between the pitch and the outside. This is what i am trying to transmit to my players. But today there are more who hear it instead of listening to it. A reflexion is needed here, they have to take the decision…”.

Should they accept to be bribed? We all know what Bernard Tapie did in the past so maybe a reminder will help others and Didier Deschamps which i appreciate a lot, shut up or find another role model for the French national side. Here are Bernard Tapie’s prerogatives:

  1. Conviction for corruption Valanciennes-Anzin vs Marseille during the French championship (Marseille relegated to the 2nd division)
  2. Judicial conviction for Insult in 1992
  3. Testut and Phocea Affair, sentenced in 1997 to 18mths in prison for Tax fraud
  4. January 2006, Jean-jacques Eydelie accuses Bernard Tapie of corruption
  5. Sentenced in 2009 by the criminal chamber of the Paris Tribunal for Defamation
  6. Sentenced in 1998 for three years for Bankruptcy, forgery and unlawful possession of counterfeit, abuse of trust and social goods
  7. Lost his Hotel for not paying his Taxes and found in possession of 3 fake painting
  8. Sentenced in 1994 for 4 months for trowing a TV camera in the sea

Please Didier Deschamps next time find a better fella to back up your history which looks outstanding to me. Players and coach make mistake and Laurent blanc will make a rapid U-turn on the 23 men squad representing France during this year world cup in South Africa.

Ignoring them for the first game as a punishment and example to others yes but ignoring them completely, y’all must be joking. It’s nice and encouraging to support the fresher from the National side but they don’t have what it takes to compete at the highest level so stop licking people asses and next time someone should come out and say the truth.

Thanks for following me see you in the next edition 😉 C.D



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