Reality facts science can not explain

Nigerian couple Ben and Angela Ihegboro are the center of attention from the British media and the scientists. Those two black parents originally from Nigeria but living in South London since 5 years ago gave birth last week to a white blond girl with blue eyes named Nmachi Ihegboro.

Both parents are black and none of their ancestors have white gene whatsoever. Ben and Angela already have two children Chisom (4 yrs) and Dumebi (2yrs) with both having a dark skin but how strange for them to understand that they have a sister with a different color from them? Hard to explain but as soon as they get into science school they might.

According to the scientist Nmachi does not have just a light skin that could get darker when she grows up and is not either albinos. Nmachi is a proper white blond girl and her health is perfect. What first strikes me is the size of her nose which indicates to me that she is really from both of them just with a different color.

Bryan Sykes, human genetic director for Oxford University said that this could be the case where they were lot of genetic mix (ex: Afro-Caribbean) but Nigeria do not show such pathology. Professor Sykes said that the couple would have need a high degree of racial mixture (white ancestor) to have the probability of a white version of their gene to be transmitted, well that all science could say about it but let’s just called it a God sent miracle.

Same history happened with mixed-race parents Dean Durrant and Alison Spooner who repeated the two-tone miracle twin girls after a seven-year gap. Dean Durrant (mixed race) and Alison Spooner (white female) have two set of twins (girls) back in 2001 and both were different. One looking like daddy (darker skin) and the other one looking like mummy (white skin with blue eyes).

And seven years after that in 2008 they had another set of twins (girls) with the same pathology. How nice and rare and splendid this is. I’d give anything to be in their shoes and hopefully be rich otherwise they will cost too much money.!!! There is much more incredible stories like that around the globe and not to remind you am a twin myself so i am fascinated about such thing. People still try to work out who is the elder bullshit we were conceived at the same time LOL.

Thanks for sharing this story people and see you in my next edition 😉 C.D


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