Paris Hilton’s beauty cost near $3.000.000!!!

This Paris Hilton latest topless picture taken by the cameras from the luxury Yacht in which she was surely sunbathing and she looks gorgeous as usual. She obviously was not afraid to be pictured certainly to show those boobs she claimed she never worked on.

Anyway if you wanna get into Paris’s life i don’t think you’d come out alive even Christiano Ronaldo could not spend more than a month with her Majesty.

Malaysian Taek Jho Low (picture right), her present toy boy paid a bill as high as $2.778.570,06 on drinks at the exclusive  Byblos night Club. Taek Jho Low was competing with Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt on who could splash the most cash on booze and that’s depressing almost $3.000.000 and i never heard Malaysia was a rich country help’s you wonder how we can be stupid sometimes but let’s stay into the fun part, would we :)!!

After being spotted smocking weed during a soccer game at the world cup in South Africa this is latest Paris Hilton could have come up with and how nice from the bimbo to offer the world these beautiful pictures. But her love for night clubs have not stopped and new Malaysian toy boy paid the price for it i hope for him the night didn’t stop there after splashing so much money.

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