Why relationship do not work today? Part VI

Yesterday relationship were for much of the time the result of our parent’s involvement but today it’s rapidly changing because of the way the world is getting,  Malicious… From Africa, Asia, USA and Europe, parent’s involvement back in the days were so much that looking back i wonder how we got so much freedom such a short space of time.

And yes it’s good to be able to chose, to mix up and to make this world a better world. But how far will that go? are we heading for the right direction? Will we lose our culture in the process?

Parents (some of them) thinks they can still dictate or highly influence their children’s choices which for me is still true and vary according to the culture. I will talk about cultural bridges in my next edition :).

They (parents) are our elders and if we take our eyes off racism and cultural views (if it does involve colors and culture), parents are mean to be influential but not decisive like they use to be. For most of the time parent’s flair never fails due to their experiences. Maybe they were not expressive enough at the time and now that they try to communicate their messages it looks like we’re already having our own way, so they will have to be more patient.

I know we are in a world where we take more decision without our parent’s involvement and that’s pathetic. Of course their choices should matter and we should listen to them, be patient and communicate a lot with them for a better guidance.

I came across a relationship where we had to stop because of her parent’s involvement who couldn’t agree with the relationship because of our cultural differences. That was obviously the mum’s reason but apart from me being black. She got sad for a while but had to move on as she made her choice accordingly. She went out with another French boy but this time a white one. Just tell me how different am i to another French guy if it’s not for our color? Sleep on that…

People today should be more open minded as we are in a really developed world where you shouldn’t be talking about colors again, origins and many more. Everyone should be given a chance no matter where they come from cause love don’t look at colors or origin just as football it’s an international language.

Thanks for following me and see you in the next edition Cultural bridges. 😉 C.D


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