Leave Benzema and Ribery alone

Favorite to take over the presidency of the French Football Federation, Fernand Duchaussoy (picture) stated that he does not want to see players who have placed under judicial investigation on suspicion of soliciting sex with prostitute pretty girl Zahia Dehar when she was under age (17) at the time.

Fernand Duchaussoy claims that he will as soon as he get appointed President of the FFF he will have a meeting with new French national coach Laurent Blanc to discuss the matter.

I said this is bullshit and the perfect representation of the French and their pursuit for perfection and special distinction that brings them nowhere. We’ve had numerous cases of people being put even to prison in London it didn’t mean that the lad had to pay for his mistake his entire life.

You’re put away for a reason and when you come back you should have the tools to rebuild yourself and being accepted from everyone otherwise why bother coming back? Zahia Dehar (picture) just made sure she will get popular common people.

Does anyone remember the “The Clearstream Affair”? Dominique de Villepin ex French Prime minister which my mum likes a lot was on the 27 of July placed under judicial investigation for four counts of accusation which of course had nothing to do with sex but politics.

Yes Dominique de Villepin has been cleared and found innocent but he still was put under judicial investigation and matter worse for whom find it worse (I don’t) he his running for presidency in 2012. Did that bother anyone? Did anyone say something about that? Did it even occur our mind that he should not run for presidency for being put under judicial investigation whether he has been found guilty or not?

What is Fernand Duchaussoy problem? Why taking his personal low profile on those talented players (Karim Benzema (10) and Franck Ribery (7)) who can shoot France to glory again? Yes they made a mistake in the first place by paying for sex. Yes they made a mistake by soliciting a girl while being married or in a relationship.

Yes we are Human being and we made mistake, no wonder why Jesus came and die on the cross for us. We are sinners, we envy what we don’t have, never satisfied, egoist, traitor and fool of ourselves (Fernand Duchaussoy) and trying everything even destroying someone career just for a bit of spot light (Fernand Duchaussoy).

Maybe you should look at Zahia’s parents in the first place and put them under judicial investigation as they are the first responsible. She was under age so she was the responsibility of her parents at the time not the players, not their money and surely not the French Football Federation.

This affair is stupid, ridiculous and has no head and no queue. France (picture) is just looking for someone to blame for their failure. I wonder how it would have been if they would have won… “Hands of our stars” LOL… Hypocrites.

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  1. yeah well i agree with her being a slut, for them deserving punishment, but not being stopped from doing what they love…

  2. i totally agree with u man! no one is above the law! considering the ending of de villepin’s trial, the two easy gurls riders should hve the opportintu to get back to the french team if they’re r useful

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