An artist at work Wow!!

Frederick A.K.A Denaf an old friend of mine who start using his talent at a young age is now exploding. I remember when we were 17 of age or some like that acting like players all the way in his huge house. We use to bring girls there as he was leaving close to the French school.

His huge swimming pull in the back of his yard was the attraction of sunny days. As long as it was hot his swimming were getting hot too with pretty Gyal (girls in Jamaican).

I use to contemplate his work but were always pushing him to do great at school instead of designing stuff but today i am just mouth wide open in front of his true talent. Today i will be the one running after him to design for me, for you for all of us.

This portrait of Tupac he made is such a beautiful one i knew he was talented but that good damn… I invite you all to go take a look and appreciate the talent and the effort. I had to write something on him yes because he is a friend but above all because talent like that should be exposed to the world.

I could spend my entire frame showing you his work but please do help yourself with the link

And good luck Bro. Lil dedication to my man and great artist Denaf.



  1. The guy does not just produce photorealistic drawings. Just feel the sadness in Tupac’s eyes!

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