Why relationship do not work today? Part IV

4. Sexual intercourse

This subject might be the most difficult one I’ll be able to talk about as I am a Christian and did not really follow certain principles but the positive thing here is youngster or even elders can benefit from my experience.There is no such thing as age in relationships anyone can share his views according to what you’ve been experiencing.

I had experienced some serious relationships but of course I had not put patience in practice. Sexual intercourse has never been a problem to my relationships to even state that it was the reason why we broke up. Well at least I have never been made aware of it :). For me Sexual Intercourse is the strawberry on top of the cake. I have been with a girl I’ll name Baby-girl who didn’t find her ex boyfriend experienced enough after meeting me and I asked how come she kept with him all those years?

And she said her love for her partner was so real that them being together was her joy and their Sexual Intercourse was just good for that reason.

It made entirely sense to me as not all the girls I had were that experienced but the mutual feelings we had made it just perfect. Today I’ve reached a level were Sexual Intercourse count for zero in the criteria for being with a girl and I am not saying you should do the same but put it this way if love is blind how can you feel that something is missing? How can you think your partner’s performance will destroy this relationship?

Sorry but if we would have obey God’s command we wouldn’t be thinking about going from one relation to another. If we would have just waited for HIM or HER we wouldn’t be thinking about our partners performances. Choice is a gift to have as we are free people and even God says we have the choice between good and bad between his commands and this world’s command. But most of the time we’ve chosen accordingly. My point here is Love is magical and

If you are a virgin of everything it will be hard even impossible for you to make a difference because Love will snap that thought away from you and will just leave you with a smile and you saying to your partner ooh Gosh i love… ;).

Virgin of everything has its limit use your head accordingly. Communication in Sexual Intercourse helps improve it too don’t be shy and put off as you need to tell your partner what you want. Every failure lies on the structure of the basis. Think about the beginning, think about what wasn’t to be at that beginning, think and think again and don’t blame anyone apart yourself cause I am sure we’ve missed the basis.

Thanks for lowing me and see you in the next edition Taking your partner for granted 😉 C.D


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