Why relationship do not work today? Part III

3. Complementarity

Complementarity is another baseline in the process of getting to know your partner and the result of communication. Complementarity over time might be hard to interpret for some people who unfortunately are already blinded by some sort of love, hope, arrogance, will, desperation and other patterns.

I firstly identify age as a problem then. No worries i know the famous quote “age is just a number” but in reality it’s a fact a real one we should look at closely. Age do not matter of course when ideally you meet with the help of mother nature and the puzzle fall into place magically (love at first sight in french “coup de foudre”). Also it can happen that you’re talking to a person younger with you not knowing it and will just love the way they think and analyze situations.

Complementarity for me goes hand in hand with compatibility for a relationship so pay attention.

You my fellow readers can share your ideas if you have other things to add. Otherwise age seems to be a problem today anyway. People are growing so much intellectually in today’s world that things that used to be normal before are not anymore which seems to make more sense to me.

We are more demanding each day and identify attributes like money, fame, professional situations, networks and many more before engaging with someone but let me tell y’all something we are missing on other opportunities even if it’s not too wrong to think this way :). The growing system is making us more greedy and greedy being a sin we pay that in our relationships.

Complementarity is a feeling you should discover over time (so here again we should be patient) and is only recognizable in the process of getting to know your partner and that through communication. It takes times and when you do identify whether there is compatibility or not, quickly take the right decision and avoid falling in a spiral which can be very destructive.

Thanks for following me see you in the next edition Sexual intercourse 😉 C.D


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