Why relationship do not work today? Part II

2. Communication (with your partner)

After enumerating some vital point in the previous post relating to Getting to know your partner, communication is another fundamental needed to develop a relationship. Again patience will be needed in this topic as not everyone has the verb to express themselves but can a relationship grow without communication? Sleep on it.

Communication is a vital point in the process of getting to know your partner and seriously you can end up knowing your partner in a couple of months but today most people are put off with it… Weird right? Well that’s the sad reality of the world we live in maybe emancipation I’ll talk about that in another edition.

Coming back to the communication stage i really did find out you don’t get to know someone in a week or two. You don’t even get to know the minimum in a month as Identity and past stories are not definite meaningful descriptions of what you should expect. What will be your partner will be what you’ll get to know from now until at least three to six months as the person natural self will end up coming up.

Communication is complementary of  getting to know your partner.

Throughout the process of getting to know each other a rhythm of communication should be installed something you both agreed on,  not on terms but naturally. The relationship should have its own communication and by establishing that each one of you can guess the other ideas.

It will sound like you guys have been dating for years. Of course love at first sight makes you effortless as you’re both so overwhelmed of love that all the basics fall into place as if you’ve been prepared for your partner for all those years.

But it’s often rare that love at first sight strikes you so patience in the communication should do the trick too. Let’s get back to the old days of being charmed by someone in the street, a bar, at work, at the cinema hall while being with our friends, at the mall, in the lift wherever cause this is where you’re more likely to meet the ONE.

Dating sites are for loser, effortless people, desperate people and I’ll stop there but look at the patterns in using the net: rush, lack of visual and true communication, no real engagement, effortless and many more. Not that it didn’t serve some others good but it ain’t the real thing, it’s could be magical but i think out of the cyber world there is more spark to this magic.

Do you want your relationship to look like those patterns? COMMUNICATION as well as visual communication is the key.

don’t miss on the third point which should talk about Complementarity. 😉 C.D



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