Why relationship do not work today?

I will share my view on this subject with numerous point. It will be a nice experience and maybe you guys will share your views on it as well. I will truly explain how i feel about it and how maybe my views can help certain people or not to sleep on it and make better choices. After all life is about choices right?

  1. Getting to know your Partner

I decided to talk about this subject in the first place as its one of the first fundamental of a relationship. Getting to know your partner takes a very long time but we don’t. I think each one of us has been there and if not it will be interesting to see what those who haven’t experienced. As for myself i have been there numerous time and it’s always complicated.

Not Getting to know your partner is certainly one of the reasons why many relationships are fading very often. There are of course other reason that will be enumerated later on but this section is pointing at the importance of Getting to know your partner before engaging in a relationship.

It’s like having an exam in your favorite subject without you revising it you’ll end up dropping point, “maybe” succeed or surely fail and that’s what should happen. How patient or thinkable you will be you’ll end up dropping points. For me it’s comparable to a relationship.

I decided not to use Patience as an Entity as it’s part of every single thing we should do to help the relationship but it doesn’t mean that you should suffer also for being too patient. We know that being too patient can also be very negative, extremely violent, could go as far as death.

In contrast Getting to know your partner can sometimes get so friendly that you can’t be having a relationship anymore because you get caught up with mixed feelings maybe that’s the reason why I rushed my relationships but i like it during the early days of us getting to know each other it’s more tense.

Can you imagine languishing on a girl for months? I never did and might finally get there.

What do my fellow readers think about getting to know your partner? Share your views please. Todays relationships are changing as fast as certain person change their underwear.

Is relationship a technology now? Did technology influence our choices?With dating sites offering people to travel from relationships to another in a click…Where are we going from here? Why not getting married with several men and women? It would be much easier isn’t it? Or how far are we willing to go to defend our “liberty”? Which liberty? We are slave of wanting too much liberty in relationships and in the end are victim of it..

Get to know your partner first everything will fold into place and you should be able to take the right decision.

Don’t miss on the second point which should focus on the Communication. 😉 C.D



  1. I think that “getting to know your partner” is the purpose of a relationship, and breakdowns occurs when the process fails: if you don’t like what you are involved with, there is no point carrying on. It will be considered a science if you manage to put LOVE in equation!

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