The semi-final of the titans in South africa 2010

Finally a game worth our time, money, beers and passion. Tonight world cup of football semi-final between Germany and Spain will certainly break all audience records. Last time those two met, Germany was crying in the European Cup final but this time it will be different.

Blogging from my mobile after living work i just can’t wait to reach my house and watch two of the best teams in this competition.

Germany with half a foot in the final for showing consistency throughout the entire competition should easily join Holland in the final with a 3-1 comfortable victory.

Joachim loew (picture) team are not a last minute desperate players like Spain who start showing signs of anxiety when they can’t score and Germany composure will make them pay for this agony.
Physically speaking Germany’s team is better than the Spanish squad but the difference will be with the Manschafts precise counter attack which England can tell you a little bit more about :D. With Spain love for keeping the ball as if it was their Girlfriend, they look like the team in control but in reality they’re not. Mind me it’s an advantage but against top team or composed one it’s very hard for Spain to do anything.

This world cup showed that many times with Spain dominating every single games but each time were on the verge of a defeat or even elimination.

They won all their games by a small margin and their defense is very shaky at times. They lack the potential to unlock a defense with their high percentage of ball possession (over 60%/game) in the absence of Leo Messi of course who fortunately is Argentinian.

Can’t wait for Klose and Co to break their hearts sorry i made my choice GO GERMANY, GO Muller, GO Podolski, Go Sweinsteiger, Go Ozil.

Thanks for following me and see you in the next edition ;). C.D.



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