The Hand of the Destroyeur

Ajax and Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez known this year for his 35 goals for his clubs and 3goals so far in the World cup of Football will enter the books of the most hated player for destroying people’s hope with a “single hand”.

After Diego Maradona’s hand of God vs England, Thierry Henry hand of frog against Ireland, Robert green hand of clod against his own team (this shows how shit is England on international level lol still love y’all thought lmao) its now Luis Suarez hand of the destroyer who made the headlines recently with his bizarre yet effective decision.

Yes he cried so? Over 100 millions peoples hearts cried in Africa. How can such a little man do something so Big? He reminds me of Hitler (sorry the Germans i do luv u but i want to show how bad it was). A friend of mine texted saying he still hasn’t waked up and the game haven’t been played yet… Two big hand errors in a single world cup alone from England and Uruguay and bad referees.

Anyway shit happen and hopefully FIFA will review their disciplinary system. Will we have at No5 the hand of the savior for a true and honest action?

See you in the next edition thanks for following me 🙂 C.D



  1. I really do not see the link between Suarez and Hitler, sorry.
    This comment is completely out of place.

    But I still do hate Suarez, too.

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