Holland all the way to the final of the World Cup!

Uruguay who started they campaign very well tarnished it with the disgraceful action from Luis Suarez during the quater-final against an entire continent hope..Ghana.

I should add Luis Suarez’s action to my count of the most famous hand in Football history and dubbed it “The Hand of the Destroyer” at No3. Uruguay for this desperate act won’t have much support a part from their supporters, south America and Holland haters…Hem Brazil specially 🙂

Focusing on tonight semi-final, Holland have what it takes to take those fakers, stabbers and unfair players who have been acting so childish it’s like refusing a sweet to a kid. I let you guess what will happen if you do so (lemme help u if u dont have a picture.. they cry until u give them one).

Sorry can’t help it they just get on my nerves when i remember Suarez’s action who should be banned from international football for four years and miss the next world cup no one will ever do that again. The positive thing is it will serve his club good (Arsenal maybe :)). Sorry Diego Forlan but Suarez destroyed your performance by acting this way.

Enough said Arjen Robben, Van persie, Wesley Sneijder and Dirk Kuyt please dispose of them in the nicest way 3-0 with no hope of a slightest chance (no extra time).

Common Holland you can pull it 🙂 can’t wait to seem them lose so BAD.


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