House party by Steky, Jeune Griot and Henrock

Eugène Dervain (picture) dubbed “Jeune Griot” for opening himself about his life experience through his lyrics. Jeune Griot sings about everyday pain and joy that he came across and wants y’all who’ve been there to feel it too.

I had the opportunity to know him for some years now and I can definitely say that he’s down to earth. Originally from Ivory coast with a mixture of Caribbean, Jeune Griot is pushing in the music industry while finishing his Major as a Webmaster. Living in France for the past 8 years at least he wants y’all to benefit from his upcoming talent (this is how I call it because he’s got talent as a rapper). In this article I want to share with you one of his latest tune he made with his friends Steky (picture left) and Henrock (picture right) .

This Video is called “House Party” I love it as it makes me want to bring out my hold moves, You will love it and we all we love it. House Party is the tune of the summer on Youtube with 5000 view in 3 days. Y’all better check it for yourself and let the music take you to the nearest dance floor. Will it be your living room? Don’t hold yourself here it is. And remember i will keep you posted with their next dance machine 😉


Thanks for following me and hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂



  1. Nice one Henrock you rocked it for me clear language and everything keep it up bro..Jeune Griot you know your vybe is Unik..Steky you should have put those lyrics in English would have sound better but all together beautiful video clip

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