Why Germany can win the World Cup of Football!!

The Manschaft have been showing some solid performance throughout this year World Cup of Football and have all it takes to win it and finally leave their reputation of finalist.

This afternoon brilliance wasn’t a surprise when u see the level of the international coaches involved. Diego Maradona even with all his love for his cross couldn’t make amendment with his God today as it was all  about the best team winning and Germany was just that.

German Coach Joachim loew (picture) did a great job by selecting the right players for this year competition and creating this fusion every team craving for. They have such discipline, love and understanding of the game, they perfectly melt and look like a team who has been together for ages. Germany composure is second to none.

Spain who look more like “THE team” to me for this year competition look really bad on the pitch in term of finishing compare to Germany. Spain can control the ball but do not know what to do with it outside the box and could be in trouble against Germany who has been the best team of this tournament so far in term of consistency integrity and security.

With Michael Ballack (picture) who has been injured by Keving Prince Boateng and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the stadium Germany did what they were asked to do, control the game and take chances. They crushed Argentina bad organization which has been exposed tonight thanks to Germany brilliant play with goals from Muller, Klose and Friedrich and nothing for Argentina.

Lionel Messi was just nonexistent as well as the rest of the Argentinian thanks to woeful manager Diego Maradona.

Both of my teams made it to the semis but i fancy Germany for all the previous reason but remember football is unpredictable so are the European Champions (Spain) who can be deadly with every single mouvement.

My prediction is Holland vs Germany in the final of the World Cup. I’ll want Holland to win it because they never did before but Germany for their spirit and creativity will snick it. I bet they will 🙂


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