Why do we need SEO?

Do you want to be seen on the web? Do you want people to view and share you opinion and interact with you? Search engine optimization is your answer then. With SEO you are certain to achieve the best possible Search Engine Ranking.

SEO has actually been around for sometimes but now it’s become a phenomena on the web each person wants to know about. It’s remind me of Marketing about 15 years ago when everyone wanted to study this subject. Well with most businesses trying to have a visibility on internet SEO has become a major interest for webmaster as well as site owners. So imagine the million of websites on the internet, how could you stand out from this mass and being seen?

Being on internet is about linking to other sites to be more visible. It’s the same like getting to know people,  the more popular you get the more visit you will get. But it’s not easy as it’s sound like as they are lot of criteria to be followed.

SEO is not a man thing only, woman can work it out and it’s far from being a technical thing you’ll just need to put more effort into it. SEO is available for anyone who owns a business and who is passionate by marketing strategy. Let’s call it “internet marketing strategy” for women maybe they might find it more interesting :).

The major criteria which can help a website achieve a high score in the SERPs (search engine result pages) are the link strategy you use, the anchor text and title tags your site popularity, the keywords, the contents, the relevancy an so on. But looking and focusing at those criteria on your site will help you get noticed easily by search engine Crawler or Spider.

Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engine value those criteria differently. Example might be Google will give more credit to Keywords compare to yahoo for links and many more and they are subject to change as those search engines have to adapt to the demand of the users and the technology in order to make people work for it and not take it for granted.

The different criteria for optimizing your website will constantly change over time so bear in mind that SEO is about keeping an eye on those efforts you will put in to have a better rank.

Thanks for following me see you in the next edition 🙂



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