Ghana made Africa dream until the very end

Many will think Suarez played his part in Ghana exit at the world cup of football in South Africa and others will think well without his trickery Uruguay will be left to cry for trying. I will say a player who does such thing should be banned from playing International football for 4 years.

Under performers for Ghana in the first 28mns were Anan and Muntari but in the 29mns Ghana made  an action and they were at it again in the 30th minutes when Kevin Prince Boateng and Gyan combined with a  brilliant rapid play. First 28th mns it was all Uruguay with Suarez and  Diego Forlan in the centre of the actions.

Seemed  like Ghana is playing counter attacks but since the 30th minute they played better and there is more shape to their game. Kevin Prince Boateng (picture) is making a name for himself in this cup shame that Ayew is not here. Dunno what’s wrong with those South American players but they play like bulldogs in South America and in Europe they fall all over the pitch like flies.

45th with a brace from Kevin Prince Boateng but it miles out great try. Its Ghana who is dictating the game now and wow what a brace from Sulley Muntari (picture no11) 30yards out and they open the score. Ghana can pull it Goaaaaaaaaaaal. Half time and 45mns away from history.

5 mns into the 2nd half and Ghana is still dominating the game with Uruguay losing the plot just like Brazil did. Nice action from Fucile and Fulham defender Pantsil takes him down. Free kick for Uruguay and guess who took it and transformed it Diego Forlan picture half naked) and Ghana have to do it from the start again.

The game is even after 60mns with 50% of possession for each side they’re both creating chances the next one scoring will win it.  All Uruguay free kicks are taken by Forlan who is the maestro of this team their Zidane and Suarez is their Tevez hopefully Arsène Wenger is taking a look at him with all his Dutch connexion.

7mns left in this game with added time and its still the same thing going on with neither team are dominating the game and it looks as if Ghana will play their 2 extra time of this year world cup of football. Ghana still have an extra 30 mns to write history and Yes we can as I am sure prayers are being sent to God while I am writing this article. In God we trust, God bless Ghana.

1st half of Extra time has started and it’s Ghana all over the pitch but later in the half the game has settled and the second half can restart with surely the game going to end with the spot kick session. The black stars are working their socks off and Uruguay are just sitting back and  trying to counter.

Last minute of extra time and it’s a penalty plus Luis Suarez (picture) sees red for denying a goal with his hands on the line but Gyan made a mess of it what a blow and now they have to go to the spot kick session dear o dear how long we will have to wait. 1-1, 2-2, 3-2, 3-2, and last Uruguayan kick from Sebastian Abreu and its the Paneeeeelka (

) what a courage.4-2

And its all over for Ghana. How can a little man like Suarez broke the heart of an entire nation without being punished? You tell me. At least they made us proud thanks for following me. 😥



  1. I could not agree more with you on this point… I don’t think that the Uruguay team had been punished enough for what happened. It was obvious that Suarez kicked out the ball with his hands on intention and pure meanness as there were only seconds left to play and if Ghana had scored, Uruguay would have been out. The only way to save is team was to sacrifice himself by receiving a red card and being banned for the rest of the World Cup. He probably knew that Uruguay would be stronger in the penalities and as a consequence, win them. I think it’s just crazy to only give him a red card and then go on with the game as if nothing ever happened. Ghana should have won, everyone saw it. They made so much efforts, they simply deserved to win. It was a very dirty trick from Uruguay and even after winning the penalties, they showed no sign of remorse. They probably even thought that they had won because they were the better team. It’s ridiculous, they don’t even know the word “fair play”, but are quite familiar with words like cheating and trickery… I am sure that after the game they were even congratulationg Suarez for his great foul. I really really hope that the Netherlands will kick their ass and send them straight back home… that’s the only thing they deserve, in my eyes. The World Cup has been very disappointing this year, in the means of fair play and good football… I hope the semi finale and the finale will be taken out by teams that deserve to be there as Uruguay definitely does not deserve it.

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