Didier Drogba and his charity involvement

Didier Drogba may have shocked some people with his outburst against referee Tom Henning Ovrebo during the Champions league game versus Barcelona FC on national televisin. He may have shocked others for his theatrical diving reputation over the years and may have shocked others with his skills ability and breath taking goals.

But Chelsea and Ivory coast striker Didier Drogba is another person outside the pitch who cares for the people in need. In other articles i will illustrate his work for club and country but for now let’s see what DidierDrogba is actually doing outside his footballing career.

Didier played part in lot of advertising Kinder Bueno for example is on of them but the one that catch my attention is the charity involvement he’s having. I felt it was nice to share it around for people to perceive what those stars are doing for the population and should be an example for high profile figure.

The Didier Drogba Foundation created in 2007 aims at improving health care condition in Africa as well as education. His type of action reminds me of Micheal Jackson aim at improving the condition on earth for forgotten children. Didier Drogba is trying in his own action to make this world a better place for others and that inspires me of achieving great things to help Drogba and others involved in this change and evolution.

Here is a picture of him and children and just seeing them smile means he’s added something to their lives. This foundation needs your help because alone Drogba won’t be able to make it and by support i am sure it means all sort of support.

Didier Drogba recently got involved in another Aids spot acting as a spokeman revealing the misconception of contaminated people. In this spot “faites passer le message –> pass it on (in english)” the message expose the myths and discrimination related to AIDs and how it’s easy to cohabitate with someone that has the HIV sympdrom without contracting it. They used the world cup of football as a support to divulgate this message as this is the most feared sickness in South africa and sub-saharan Africa.

Even for the people who do not understand the language involved in this video just focus on the video it should let you understand the message they are trying to tell YOU.

I just can’t wait to be involved in this type of work. Thanks Didier Drogba for making earth a better place. Thanks for following me see you in the next edition. C.D 😀



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