Brazil under pressure in the second half

It’s all started in the second half after an own goal from Felipe Melo in the 53rd minutes and the brazilians lost it completly.  13 minutes later and Holland takes the lead for the first time thanks to a combination from Dirt Kuyt pass and Wesley Sneijder (picture on the left) header.

As i said in my previous article this game wouldn’t end up with 22 players on the pitch and this is what exactly happened. Felipe Melo (picture on the right) stupid foul on Arjen Robben was spotted by the asian poor referee who made no mistake this time and gave him his marching order. Oh dear it’s looked very complicated now for Brazil who looked like the team of the competition and now under pressure they look like an average team.

Brazil are still pushing for extra-time and the referee is not giving any yellow card for Van Bommel the destroyer. Holland hasn’t beaten Brazil since 1974 and now history will be re-written with the likes of Robin Van Persie and Wesley Sneijder.

Julio Cesar the Brazilian Keeper looked very down after the goals and i think it’s all over here for Brazil. I think with this performance Holland will go all the way to the final. It’s all over now and Holland reaches the semis. This shows one more time the talents of coaches at national level… SUCKS. I am a bit sad though. 😦 Hope this will be Holland year and will win the world cup but my favorite team to win it this time is Germany.

Thanks for following me and wish you the Best Holland. C.D 🙂



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