New Liverpool coach is Roy Hodgson!!!

With his finger pointed in the air i want the Kop Job Roy Hodgson finally landed the top Job.

Of course it didn’t just happen like that and Hodgson had to prove he’s got what it takes to be there on the top seat of Liverpool Football Club.

Last year with Fulham Roy Hodgson reached the final of the Europa League with an average club filled with average players. They put in some surprised performance by beating top teams like Manchester United and losing the Final of the Europa league against Athletico Madrid from la Liga (the spanish League).

Personally i would have go for a higher profile or a more steady coach who have proved to be at the required level for some years. Doing a magnificent job with Fulham for one or two seasons doesn’t mean that he had what it takes for the job.

Will he be able to handle high profile players that are moaning for this and that? He might as he looks like a coach with lot of charisma but technically what does Roy Hodgson have, I don’t know, you tell me. You could sense in last year Fulham season’s that he prioritized the Europa Cup over the Premiership (English first division). Fulham season’s were pathetic as Liverpool season. Personally i think he might get the sack by January if Liverpool is not at least a contender for the 4th place.

I wish him Good luck. Arsenal forever. 🙂



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