What does Roselyne Bachelot want with the French players?

Roselyne Bachelot (pictured in the middle) is the French Minister of Health and Sport and Rama Yade (the pretty black diva) is the French Secretary of State for Sports.

Early in the competition (world cup of football) Rama Yade made a statement accusing the French national team of being too comfortable in South Africa even if it was at the expense of the French Federation of Football. She claimed their hotels were too expensive compared to other better teams that were staying in some average accommodations. French Minister Roselyne Bachelot came at the players rescue by crucifying the comment of the little Black Diva Rama Yade.

This picture kind of illustrate what really happened between the two (“Mrs Bachelot: it’s her who tackled me and Rama Yade: It’s her who looked for it”) over the conflict on the french team who totally ignored Rama Yade while being in South Africa.

It was pathetic for them to react the way they did even if they do earns million Rama Yade is after all a French authority. English players or elsewhere will never do that on an authority.

Now after the shameful elimination of the French team Minister Roselyne Bachelot turn her vest and went as far as calling the players “caïd” on national television. She said in pole position the players are in fault then in second position Raymond Domenech and in the final position the French Federation of Football. She’s actually not at fault when she said Domenech is responsible as he said:” i was here to selection the best technically”… Hum sorry Domenech who are you referring too?

Obviously she doesn’t know nothing about Football and should let Rama Yade do her job and her stick to the health section where she has a lot of Grippe A vaccine to deal with (picture: vaccines against H1N1 back to the sender :)).

England who did not qualify for the Euro 2008 did not have such an impact on politics in fact i never heard Gordon Brown (Prime Minister at the time) say anything about it.

UK laws are simple and goes like that: you’re paid to do your job if you can’t the people that are supposed to evaluate you will do so meaning the FFF should deal with the matter end of story. This story is a shame and shows the instability in terms of credibility and lack of support reigning in France. HYPOCRITES.

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