Internship at TWENGA

Twenga is a French shopping comparison site created by two magnificent people Cédric Anès and Bastien Duclaux back in 2006.

This was my first internship in France and let me tell you it was one of the best working i had so far thanks to my team (SEO pole) and the other department in the company.

Francois Chauvin who is the traffic manager at Twenga and my pole manager helped me a lot throughout my experience. You may have heard about serving coffee or doing photocopies in some internships which is actually true but Twenga is nothing like that. Twenga actually pays a reasonable wage and give you some responsibilities and experience that are relevant to today’s world market.

They actually do have a quiet good Iphone application for all the Iphone’s addicted which has been highly recommended by E-consultant expert as being one of the best app in the business.

Their shopping comparison site provides so many offers from all over the world that i advice you to take a close look. You’re in for a surprise ;).

I am totally advising Twenga to anyone who wants to have a web related experience whether it’s in E-marketing, in research and development or in Business development. Their great teams will take you right to the top of the actual technology involved in E-commerce.

Another particularity of Twenga is the ritual breakfast you have every Monday. God i loved to be there on time and have my chocolate croissant 🙂 who didn’t? Me and my team had sometimes Two croissants or more oops i blew the secret :).

Every Thursday we have an after work at the Corcorans (picture) situated 23, Boulevard Poissonière, 75002 Paris and guess what it’s karaoke night as well :).

I’ll use this post to give a thanks to all my colleagues and sorry for those i won’t mention i still think about you all 🙂 (Lariss, Caro, Anjou, Popis, Irish Queen, KMG, Franzou, American diva, Cissou, Lolo, Peti Sarco, La fouine, Laura F, The Hawk, Panijo, and all the other Pole Thank You. That song is for y’all 🙂



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