Bad use of internship in the French Society

Every society has a way of providing professional experience to the junior or student in order to help them materialized what they’ve learned at school.

Being gone for the past 7 years in London i wasn’t really used to the type of system the french offered. In the UK and most English speaking country you have a choice between doing a degree course in three or four years. Three years when you don’t opt for a year national or international paid placement program and four when you do opt for it.

Right after your final year you can opt for an internship program for new graduate that many companies offer in order for you to have the required professional tools at your disposal or you can just opt for a job straight away. They mostly give you a training period which is part of every organization even in bars or calling center as long as you can do the job they’ll provide you with the minimum arsenal.

Coming back to France i realized how different the system was and how bad actually it represented the image of a non growing financial France. I have been told many times by a friend of mine Charles B as a joke of course “la France on l’aime ou on la quitte –> France you whether like it or leave it”. He might be joking with it but lot of people actually do believe in this sentence and denied the fact that there are major important part in the system that needs changing in other to compete at the top level just by pronouncing this phrase.

How in 2010 can you imagine paying someone that went to a school or university that cost him between 5-10 thousand euros a year 30% of the minimum monthly wage for an internship? How do you expect them to react? Is the society or the system trying to get the country deserted? Today in London and New York you have more and more french citizen and they feel very much at home because of the fact that you are more appreciate for what you do and are not subject to critics but praise. Check this article form the new york times

This image says: unemployment a necessity or a fatality? You are entitled to your own opinion but i would be surprised if it becomes a necessity sometimes for some of us. We can’t be paid for our true value and when we want to create we don’t have the required help to do so. Somethings are being changed but too slowly or unrelated to some specific situation that need special attention.

Example: interns minimum salary should vary according to the academic background with a minimum at 30%.

France elimination of the World Cup of Football had all the head line for the wrong reason but people the country is not getting any better. Stop focussing on “banlieue (suburbs)” problems and let’s work. This is the only way to turn things around hard long working hours with the right pay at the end “tout travail mérite un salaire –> All work deserve a salary”.

Thanks for following me and see you in the next edition. Cédrick Delest 🙂



  1. I totally agree with Cedrick’s acticle. Internships have long been a way for french businesses to recruit cheap workforce: no long term commitment, symbolic salary and very no social charges. What is scandalous is that students do not even get recognized work experience out of it! It’s time for the system to change, for the better.

  2. I totally agree! as an MBA student, I am paid 417€ for an inernship after graduating from an American University… It soo sad… Laurence

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