Why is it so hard for England to make it to the biggest stage?

With all the paper calling for Fabio Capello’s head and of course some football pundits as well as some Fans i wouldn’t know what to do personally. Saying Fabio Capello is a talented manager and can help England improve will be crucifying myself as a talented manager wouldn’t select such a shit team. In the other hand he has trophies that speak for itself. But did Capello fall on an already talented team and didn’t have to show much of his coaching skills? This sentence is questionable as Luiz Felipe Scolari known for winning the World cup with Brazil couldn’t manage a talented Chelsea team that had a great result after his sacking by Roman Abramovich and the hiring of Guus Hiddink.

For me the problem lays in the Barclays Premier League of Football. The top four teams (Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool) in the competition followed now by Tottenham Hot Spurs and Manchester City do not produce enough English talent for the top level. Chelsea have four top international players (John Terry, Franck Lampard, Ashley Cole and Joe Cole), Manchester United have two top players (Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney), Arsenal have arguably Theo Walcott and Liverpool have Steven Gerrard and Glen Johnson. How do you want to be the best in the international stage if you don’t even have XI pro players in each department? you tell me. It’s not that managers like Arsène Wenger and Alex Ferguson do not want English players it’s just that they are rarely born with talents in their feet and even when you make them go through the top footballing academy they’re still sucks.

In the UEFA Champions League those same English players are so much surrounded by foreigners that we think they’re good but in reality they’re not. Only the ones that i mentioned above can do the trick on their own sometimes. The exception is Wayne Rooney who can outshine Manchester United alone as well as Steven Gerrard but with Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hot Spurs and Manchester city, their star players are all foreigners for instance Cesc fabregas, Didier Drogba, Lucas Modric and Carlos Tevez.

The FA (Football Association UK) should instead work with Fabio Capello and the other league manager and try to produce some quality English player through some programs for finding English talents or camp training English talents. As Sir Richard Branson said” with the right people we can realized everything”. Obviously we don’t have the right person (Players, Management and Federation) and should be looking for them in order to rebuild right. They shouldn’t reduce the number of foreigners in a team as that could be badly interpreted but they should instead allow a minimum of English player in the starting XI of every club in the Premier league.

I doubt this will ever happen anyway as managers will leave followed by foreign players and the Premier league will be left to look like what it should really look without those foreigners… CRAP.

See you in the next edition 🙂 Cédrick Delest



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