They’re calling for Fabio Capello’s head!!!

Now the English media (the Sun) and the Fans will turn on their coach, the players and the stuff for going out of the World Cup of Football at such an early stage. It wasn’t long before this would happen as i told you before. England do not have a problem to compensate you  and tell you man you’re an illusionist. they were hopping on a Magician or a Devin to transform the “kittens in Lions” but it wasn’t to be this time even with all the offering they paid Fabio Capello (8.800.000€).

The thing with the English fan is some of them are just so blind about miracles that can be done by money that they thought hiring someone like Fabio Capello would do the trick. But this will never happen. I will write an article on why England can’t make it when it comes to the biggest stage right after that one. But it sad to see so many people now realizing that their team wasn’t good enough. England, Italy and France made this World Cup of Football one to forget about forever in terms of humiliation. Football is flying high as we have lot of Americans getting involved into it and when the biggest teams make drama like those countries did it’s just pathetic.

Now you have all the people coming out criticizing Fabio Capello for his team selection. Michael Owen (picture) in the Sun news paper says Fabio Capello had it wrong from the moment he saw the starting XI and the formation he put out there 4-4-2. Owen said:

“I don’t think it is down to our players so much — I just feel their formation has basically beaten ours. We were outplayed due to being tactically beaten

Now the Sun goes as far as calling him the Flop, Terry Venables said he had it wrong for ages (why didn’t you take the job then?), Steven Howard instead said it was Men against Boys and boys won.

There is no such thing in football as men against boys but instead Talent against Rubbish how about that for a comparison? England lost and their under performance made Wayne Rooney look so bad that he was thinking why  am i not in the Brazilian team? Or Spanish team something else but not English just when it comes to football of course. Wayne Rooney’s body language during the games showed that he couldn’t care less as this English team lacked everything (pace, skills on the ball, flair, desire, defense starting with the keeper so why bother myself when we have to play Arsenal 🙂 and Chelsea very soon, you’re damn right son.

Well as i said in my other post Fabio Capello would get the sack and if he does not resigned as he stated himself if England do not go to the final that will be a failure well the last 16 is a BIG FAILURE off you go oust :). At least he’ll get rewarded with a big fat check.

That’s all you get for trying to do the impossible with losers i hope it will serve Fabio Capello as a good lesson. I’m loving this blog thing 🙂



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