Should the Chiefs at the FA resigned too?

Six days after the French World Cup fiasco their French Football Federation president Jean-Pierres Escalettes resigned today and many other in his regime will follow. For once the pressure from the Government specially from the French minister of Health and Sport Roselyne Bachelot who called for his head right after their elimination.

Jean-Pierre Escalettes (pictured with Raymond Domenech) couldn’t bare with the pressure and over the weekend took the decision to resign even tough Michel Platini asked him to stay on and said It said: “I consider that it is my duty to resign from my role as president of the French Football Federation.”

For some time now the FA has not been able to hire the right candidate to fulfill the job for the Hot English seat as England Football coach. Looking back the years it seems as if Sven Goran Erickson wasn’t doing that bad after all. No one so far has been able to sustain the job longer than he did. The FA and the Fans keeps getting frustrated and irritated for those lack of selection or organization i should say.

New FA “chief”  Alex Horne that replaced the shameful Lord Triesman for an immature act with  29 years old lady Miss Jacobs that cost him his job doesn’t look any better than all the previous one. Even if he’s been appointed not long ago he should have already spotted the mistake of Fabio Capello if he was a real football fan and a true Sport man. I am sorry but i assimilated England with Football so don’t tell me there is other sport that reminds you of England. Crickets maybe? Or who will bang my misses? They’re good at that though. John Terry for example. 🙂

Personally i will put a pundit or an old soccer star in this position that can examine the game inside out as well as the sport.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next edition. Cédrick Delest 😉



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