Chris Brown paying tribute to Michael Jackson

I love the video and i love Chris Brown for his talent. Lot of people criticized him on Youtube for stilling the show and be part of the people that are still rapping off Micheal Jackson even dead meaning he is relishing is career but playing an act.

Common people we all make mistake we’ve all been getting mad and hitting and insulting and breaking and whatever but yes he’s under the spotlight so will be badly judge from people. No matter what he’s involved in to make his life better or worse depending on how you see it Chris Brown is still the product of young kids being put under the spotlight at a young age just like Micheal Jackson.

Chris brown were emotional as he is a fan of Michael Jackson just as we all are and i would have cried and be so privileged to do something for someone who dedicated his entire life to make this world a better place. Chris Brown talent’s speak for itself and he’s so good that people started to think that he was publicizing himself common gimme a break. It’s just out of proportion the comment you can hear or read from people sometimes it feels as we’re not part of the same world or their are just jealous people out there waiting to make people life’s suck. Guess what that’s because they’re life are sucks.

RIP Micheal Jackson i will always love you and will do my best in making this world a better world THIS IS IT 🙂



  1. Michael Jackson is a child abuser…that’s for sure, i’m sorry but that’s my opinion 🙂
    Still in the music world he’s the best dancer and singer ever lived ..

    We’ll miss you MJ

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