Yes Ghana can make history

I waked up this morning wanting to blog with a smile thanks to ML ;). Yesterday i went to watch the USA vs GHANA at The Frogs in rue de Turbigo Paris 2eme with a couple of friends Sarah, Mams and Madonna. I really regretted not to have been there when the real frogs went out of this year World Cup of football (the french team) it surely would have been the right place to be 🙂 but yesterday frogs were the americans all quiet and crying. Sorry can’t feel sorry for y’all we were maybe 10 Ghanaians supporter surrounded by hundreds of Americans so we terribly felt their pressure all night long :p.

The Game started brightly for the Ghanaians who opened the score in the 5th minute thanks to Portsmouth midfielder Kevin Prince Boateng (the only light skin above :)) and i thought they would have show the USA how football were really played in the continent but it wasn’t to be. The effect of scoring early goals got to them and instead they tried to defend all night long. The Americans never stop going forward and with the presence of our beloved ex president Bill Clinton they had to show him he didn’t make the trip for nothing and it paid off in the second half with a tackle from 19 years old Jonathan Mensah which MLS start Landon Donovan scored comfortably.

It wasn’t meant to be decided in the normal 90 minutes and extra time had to be played to separate both teams. And history repeated itself again and Ghana scored early in the first half of extra time thanks to a superb finish from Asamoah Gyan (picture above) who raced away from Demerit and clipped it over the advancing Tim Howard 2-1 for Ghana :). Best goal celebration Ever watch this 🙂

At one point i even thought i was a Ghanaian citizen i was so happy and relieved and started taking the English-African accent with my friends it was just a relieve and of course for a small footballing nation like them to get to the biggest international stage. They remind me of South Korea who couldn’t pull it through i really felt emotional for them but sorry pack your things and go home :).

Ghana is in South Africa and we will make you feel it 🙂 YES WE CAN



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