FIFA should really consider video replay

One of the biggest controversial in the world of football that solicited the need of video replay was the Diego Maradona Hand of God goal that eliminated the English in the semi final and the final between West Germany and England in 1966 world cup of football were the third goal was allowed as we could have see the ball didn’t past the line.

44 years after those drastic errors football is still paining to get going with such basic mistakes. This year World Cup of football have not been an exception with the round of 16 subject of really bad referees judgment.

It’s started with the English game where Frank Lampard shot clearly past the goal line but none of the referees could have spot it and they didn’t allow the goal to stay. They finally went out at the mercy of Germany who played really well and dominated the entire game with their composure.

Argentina vs Mexico wasn’t meant to be any better with the referee allowing a stupid offside goal and you could have see the Mexicans who started really well were totally demoralized. A lack of concentration at the back within couple of minute and Argentina were 2-0 up thanks to Gonzalo Higuain who rounded the advancing Pérez and taped it in.

Arsène Wenger (picture above) the Arsenal FC coach dubbed the “french magician” who is live commenting this game on TF1 confirmed with the other commentators that video replay should be put in to help the sport. I don’t think Mexico will be able to come out victorious out of this game with the score now at 3-0 in the 55th minute thanks to Manchester City sensation Carlos Tevez “the beast”.

FIFA common stop your nonsense and make the game proud by revisiting those old rules :(.



  1. Instant replay should definitely be used in goal situations. For fouls and stuff, I don’t think it’s necessary just yet. But a controversial goal (or disallowed goal), especially early in the match, can completely change a game’s momentum and eventual outcome.

    1. I totally agree with you and this competition happen once every four years it’s frustrating to see mistakes like that and players have to pay for it it’s just crazy it’s unacceptable but we’ll see what will happen 🙂

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