England OUT and Capello should get the sack!!

England is out of this year World Cup of Football with an humiliating performance in the Second half with a final score of 4-1. Germany came back strong and didn’t wait for an invitation to get the score right and show why they look like the team that can go all the way. You can see Fabio Capello (picture above) already waving goodbye to the English FA :).

Second half goals from Thomas Muller (picture above) set the English Team packing and surely the sacking of Fabio Capello. He may have proved that he is a good coach at club level but on the international stage his decision have been very bizarre. His style of play at times was alright but his latest team selection was questionable and The Tree Lions didn’t look like a premium team that could scare the hell out of other teams.

Wayne Rooney (picture above) couldn’t show his skills and were left alone to ran around like a lost cause for much of their games during this year competition. I really felt sorry for him and if he could have have a word he would have tell Fabio Capello f*** off just as Nicolas Anelka did with Raymond Domenech :). I am sure in this pictures he is telling Capello this team is useless i can’t keep on running around like that and Capello insisting just do what i say i need my fat salary :).

The English FA should revisit they selection of foreign players in the Premier league otherwise they won’t be able to perform in the international stage. English players mediocrity will just tarnished the image of marvellous coach like Fabio Capello and other good coaches left in the game.

Take Steve McClaren (picture above) who were left to look like the worst coach in the world but won the Dutch league right after his sacking with Twente FC and now is the coach of Wolsburg FC. Capello should give up on this selection and look for a valuable job at club selection with Liverpool or France if Laurent Blanc pulls out of this mess lol.

English fan will still welcome the Three Lions with open arms and blame it on the alcohol oops sorry on the coach Fabio Capello and the Premier league for taking too much foreigners. I will update you on the situation. Thanks for reading see you in the next episode :).



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