Can England Blast past Germany?

1966 was the year when England finally won the World Cup of Football and that was against West Germany Back in 1966 which England won 4-2 in front of their Londonien supporter at Wembley stadium. This was England only World Cup trophy thanks to a hat trick from Geoff Hurst and the controversial goal awarded by the cheat referee (of course cheating is in the game since a long time no wonder they don’t want to put the camera in it ;)) Gottfried Dienst. Anyway and since that the English just can’t get over this victory, they will just tell you we won the World Cup of football in 1966 how pathetic for the country who invented Football.

Even if i want my beloved Three Lions to go to the next round and eliminate The Mannschaft (the German team) i think that will be a hard task to accomplish as they do not have what it takes to be a Lion so can you imagine 3 Lions LMAO, (PTDR in french). The composure of the Germans makes them so scary and difficult to play as their are full of talented players such as Bastian Sweinsteiger, Ozil, Muller, Philipp Lahm who can make the difference. On the contratry, England defense has been weak even if they didn’t concede lot of goals they still looked uncomfortable at the back. I hope Fabio Capello has what it takes to select the right team that can compete against the Germans and not make a fool of England. For sure if that happens he will have to pack his stuff too :).

The English player that can make the difference will be Glen Johnson, Steven Gerrard, James Milner, Jermaine Defoe and mighty ROONEY.

I won’t debate too much on them and will give you more info on how i felt about the game and team selection after their probable elimination because i am sorry England won’t be able to make it. Fabio Capello (picture above leaving the English FA :)) will be sacked and Theo Walcott will be happy at home for not being included in such a low league team. And the French should take notice on how to sack someone who is underperforming hum did i think about a certain  Raymond Domenech? 🙂

I wish i could blog about them winning but take a look at this 2-0 scorecard in favor of Germany. 😦



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