Spain have all to do to go to the next round

Spain among all the greatest team of this world cup have been deceiving according to the run in form they had before reaching this competition, the team their are facing and the talent they have on the pitch and on the bench.

Switzerland have been surprising as well has Chile but you couldn’t expect more from the Hondurans players as they lack quality and speed.

This world cup according to me have been the worst so far compare to the previous cup and i don’t know if this is due to the fact that lot of team’s player are all playing the modern game now and you can’t minimize a team anymore. France have been very bad and this has been happening for the past 4 years so no problem about that but the most surprising one is the elimination of the holders Italy. One Italian journalist said that in her country they were making fun of us but she forgot that they wasn’t qualified yet and they followed us right away and in the same position as we were in… Last.

My opinion on Vicente Del Bosque is not to fall into that stupid formation he had and lost against Switzerland. From the composition that is already up the talented Ienesta is starting the game. I don’t doubt his talent but the man don’t have it in him at this time and this paper is telling you everything: start the No 10 Cesc Fabregas and the game will be wrapped up quickly.

Cesc Fabregas is the futur of spanish football and the best midfielder in the premier league how can we have him on the bench when he helped alone a club like Arsenal in the league reach the 3rd place. He can drive the spanish team to glory if Del Bosque put a bit more faith in him and i am sure Arsène Wenger will agree with that. Chile is a though team and won’t go easy on those babygirl spanish players. They outclassed Brazil and Argentina in the qualifying round and don’t go easy on tackle, that will be a hard game for them to pull and this group could reserve some surprise.

Switzerland can still create a surprise and go through if they put a nice goal average on Honduras which still have a chance to qualify if they score a lot of goals but i doubt. Chile can also be left behind if they get a serious beating from Spain and Switzerland beat Honduras with a good goal margin. Chile could still make the draw happen and make a mockery of Del Bosque and Spain. So if he doesn’t want to end up as the next media puppet he better pull it right this time.

I still believe Spain could get a draw or be beaten all together. I’ll bet my money on Chile and Switzerland. Good game y’all 🙂



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