RIP Michael Jackson.. Gone too soon

25th of June 2009… Gone too soon

It’s been a year now since our beloved Micheal Jackson is gone and it’s still feels like he never left. what can i say about him that you don’t know already? That he was manipulated? Well we all know that. The only thing i can share about him is the impact he had on my life. When i first heard about him i must have been around 5 maybe younger but i can’t tell :). I was so entertain by the softness of his voice, the tenderness, the love in his voice, i was seduced. I have all his albums even the one that never came out, don’t ask me how we’re in the 20th century common ;).

I then decided to sing, oh man, for those who knows me i really like to sing and i owe this to Micheal. Even if i didn’t turn into a singer and believe me i would have turn famous too 🙂 (restrain yourself from laughing please :):):):)) i am still an amateur of it and thanks to him. There are so many thing i can dedicate to him but i wouldn’t know where to start so let me dedicate you my love for music, for passion, for sensitiveness. I have many times been told that i look like him and believe me whether you like it or not it feels nice to hear such thing without me doing any surgery 🙂 and i am referring to him as when he still has his dark skin. Even with his white skin we still had similar features and i will even go as far as saying also to Jermaine Jackson too as they both looked a like.

There you go you can start guessing who is who 🙂 but that’s my opinion and those of my acquaintance. Coming back to Micheal Jackson he will never die in my heart and yours too. Bob Marley‘s music is still alive after 30 years, Bruce Lee legacy is still alive after more than 35 years, Tupac music is still alive and he’s still selling album so guess what will Michael Jackson the greatest of all time will do!! Stay alive forever as his music is around us addressing the problem of the world… He once said “We Could Fly So High Let Our Spirits Never Die In My Heart I Feel You Are All My Brothers Create A World With No Fear Together We’ll Cry Happy Tears See The Nations Turn Their Swords Into Plowshares”.

Honestly even if Bad and Thriller were the most sold albums i was more keen on all the other than those two. Why? Because it didn’t feel like Micheal’s song as he was really used by a certain group at this time and the same thing happened again and again which finally had the better of him. Ever heard of Freemason? Illuminati? I don’t wanna get into a fight but y’all free to say whatever or think whatever but the real Micheal Jackson happened again once he got rid of Quincy Jones and starting singing and composing everything himself.

From this moment we restarted to discover the real Micheal, the one that cares about the people and the world in which we live in, his love for kids how he feels alive when he’s surrounded by them. The song Speechless which i love a lot is a description of the way he felt when he had fun with them (kids), he’s lost for word “Though I’m with you I am lost for words and nothing is for real…Speechless…Your love is magical, that’s how I feel  But in your presence I am lost for words  Words like, “I love you.” I love you too Micheal and even if i never saw you i damn f****** miss you (excuse my language) :'(.

Like A Sunset Dying With The Rising Of The Moon…Gone Too Soon RIP MJ <3<3<3



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