Raymond Domenech future in the dark!!!

I have recently wrote an article on BCS chartered institute for IT and the main objective is to have all the IT professionals in the same house and you can do so by being a graduate from the concerned department (computing and mathematical science). You also have to send proof of your professional history which get checked of course. Coming back to Raymond Domenech, i have never heard of him as an established national coach or club coach.

Raymond Domenech (picture above) is one of the worst coach i have ever seen in action in the last decade but that’s not entirely his fault unless he likes the spotlight. The guy has never coach any team at an international level, the best he did was to coach Lyon and bring them back to the french first division. He then start coaching the french junior team for 10 years after being given the French senior team later in 2004. France paid the price for not trying to hire a real coach with a big pedigree because they didn’t wanted to pay too much (my guess). Otherwise explain to me how in hell the french coach is paid under 600.000€ a year? This figure speak for itself, french should be a football nation meaning have the best manager at the right price and not “frogs” from a strange river somewhere close to the Mediterranean sea.

What i am trying to say here is as much as they would like the players to perform and be proud of wearing the shirt, they should recruit a coach as well that inspire quality as players like Gallas, Sagna, Anelka, Clichy etc are being coach day in day out by Excellent one. Do check the coach past professional history before engaging him. French football has be tarnished by the FFF (French Football Federation) itself and the minister of sport who doesn’t know nothing about sport. In this picture he even prays Anelka not to be mad at him (:)) End of story.

As for Domenech i wish him good luck at least he has a pretty girlfriend who will certainly dump him for a player 🙂 that was obviously a joke. But that my happen as i don’t know how he will provide fr the couple. I don’t see him as being a consultant as his views and decisions are extra POOR, and i wonder if a low league team might even believe in him. A rich person can handle money, a hard worker can handle pressure, a poor can handle poverty just as a looser will always be a looser.



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