France vs South Africa 1st half Analysis 0-2

France vs South Africa was meant to be a nice game, really entertaining because of the countries involvement with the media. France because of the problem surrounding the coach Raymond Domenech, the players and the country. South Africa because they are hosting the competition and no country hosting this competition has been Out in the first round. But it wasn’t meant to be and cheating is still governing this sport. No wonder we have players trying to cheat the referee all the time and so on. They’ve all been learning it somewhere and now we can see it in action again.

France with the chaos surrounding them lately tried to put in a good performance by getting into the game with a new team full of ambition. But it wasn’t to be when in the 28th minute a red card was awarded to Yoann Gourcuff for elbow. This fault at most was a yellow even if the South African player were acting like a certain Ienesta or Busket from the Spanish team (i think they all went to the same diving school for football). You could have see in the French player eyes and attitude that their hopes for reaching the next round had just faded. And how could that happen anyway?

Well South Africa have to win has they will enter history if they are out. So my view on this is the referee has been ordered to do the necessary for it not to happen. You might think i am wrong but when you hear that the final between Liverpool and Ac Milan were tricked because of too much money involved and Ac Milan had to lose in 2005 after dominating the first half with a 3 goals advantage you just don’t know what to expect anymore with this cheating game. My guess is that’s why they just can’t allow camera into this game otherwise the cheaters (referee, federation, players and so on) will get caught.


Too bad we’ve ended up in their group and now we have to pay the price for our lack of quality (the management), lack of authority (the players) which has faded on the team and now we are the “bouc et missaire” of this competition, the referees and the media.



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