BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT

I have recently been awarded Professional Membership by the chartered institute for IT for actually graduating in Computing mathematical and science. I am delighted to be part of this Family as i am now one of over 70,000 industry professionals in the UK and overseas (100 countries) who will enjoy access to the latest IT news, online resources and specialist and influential networking groups. To state of your membership, you disposed of a BCS card with a serial number on it.

Key Dates

The BCS chartered institute for IT was granted by the Royal Charter in 1984 with objectives to promote the study and practice of computing and to advance knowledge and education in IT fir the benefit of the public. during the years, key dates have been installed and in 1989, the BCS became a chartered Engineering Institution. In 1996, they were licensed by the Engineering council, in 2004 they were licensed by the Science Council membership structure changed, new title of CITP (Chartered) status created. In 2007 BCS celebrated its 50th anniversary, in 2009 Membership reached 70.00 and early this year, Member Network was launched.

Creating the It Profession

The BCS ambition is to create clearly defined professional standards that inspires performance, professional competence, integrity, aspiration and opportunity, provide a framework for all entrant to develop fully as IT professionals. To provide support for the development of IT professionals throughout their career including leadership and meets customer expectations (companies). By becoming a BCS member you have to agree to abide by their code of conduct which is available at their website.

Dave Britt, a MBCS CITP said that joining the BCS “has given me access to new contacts and others in the community, not just for business, but for my own self-learning and self-development. We all have room to grom.

elliott Ingram MBCS said that “Employers and clients see that you’re associated with a body that represents professionalism giving them confidence to take on a BCS member over the competition”.

During my time at University, we’ve all learned that the most Budget in a company was set for the IT department and around 70% of this budget was just a Failure (CNET says 62%). Why? CNET will be more accurate on this subject if you want to know more. So BCS will assure of this integrity but how? because for sure you’ll be a certified University student in IT or your background at least will attest of your true competency.

BCS Award

Recently a project called VENUS (virtual exploration of underwater sites) that explore various seabeds around Italy, Portugal and France has been awarded to the University of Hull. The honors went to Dc Paul Chapman and Kim Bale from the department of computer and science who developed this project.

If you want to be part of this Institute, do not hesitate to check their website and read more about the networking opportunities (Young Professionals Group who organize national events, lecturers, debates, soft skills events, competitions and award), the individual professional development, knowledge and best practice (books 24/7 and so on), career recognition and exclusive benefits (use the BCS logo, exclusive membership services).

BCS is accessible here.



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