CLEOFA expresses mother’s day with a song of her own

She’s been my engine and my inspiration. Mother’s day with my mum is every day through Skype and messages.

I remember telling her at the age of 8, mum, I would like to sing, can I? She laughed a little and said ok go ahead. After hearing me she cancelled all my other classes (dance, guitar etc) and never stop pushing and supporting me.

Those are the words from Cleofa when asked about the role of her mother in her life. There is more to it coming soon as a special interview with CLEOFA. Stay tuned !!

Mother’s day – Mother’s day gift – Mother’s day song dedication by Cleofa called MOTHER available on Itunes

Video Coming out on the 19th of March !

#MothersDay #

Teaser Music video by CleOfa – Thriller Night – MJ

Teaser Music video by Talented Singer CleOfa. COMING OUT 31st OCTOBER.. This HAlloween

Directed by Augustin Adjanohoun

Assistant Operator : Andre LLoyd


Since my young age, I have always been a fan of Michael Jackson, King of Pop music. Today we had the chance to do a work and pay our respect to a loving man who did great on this earth. Sochic4uMusic and CleOfa present Thriller Night, an Afro-pop adaptation of an Afro-American legend.

Support us Through our Journey, and we will return the favor by giving you something back.. A great music.

Thanks to the people who keep believing in us and supporting us. Without them we would be able to achieve this. And I think about JackSProducer, Adjasko Prod, Andre LLoyd, Simon, Giuseppe, Aurora, Berry, Marisa and many others. Thanks again y’all.

Record Label: Sochic4uMusic

Artist: CLEOFA

Sochic4umusic record label

CleOfa, worth voting for the Gigs Big Busk 2013

Singer, song-writer and melodist CleOfa, developed, produced and managed by Record Label Sochic4uMusic has been performing for the Gigs Big Busk 2013 organized by the London Mayor to give young and up coming artists a plate-form to express their talents.

CleOfa burst through the scene with some vibrant performances at various spot throughout London including the beautiful venue of the O2 in Greenwich and Westfield in Shepherds Bush.

CleOfa along with many top performer like IshyDee and zoe-Wren need your support. As a fan, I didn’t have the chance to see many of them perform but for sure those three are my favorites for their unique styles. Cleofa for her vibrant and bursting personality with a voice, Oh dear, her voice, for her age, it’s just A.a.a.a.a.a.a.amazing.

Take a look at Cleofa’s performance and please, do not hesitate to vote for Her of course :). She chose to perform her own song called Scar but in an acoustic version with couple of changes made to make it more captivating. Original version is available on Youtube under “Cleofa Scar”.

Click this link –> CleOfa gigs Big Busk Acoustic Live Performance

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment and continue to follow her on:

Souncloud: CleOfa’s soundcloud under Sochic4uMusic record Label
Facebook: Cleofa’s page
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For any enquiry regarding CleOfa, get in touch @ Sochic4umusic here: or The record Label Twitter and Facebook page.

CleOfa, a product by SoChiC4UMuSiC

CleOfa (artist name) born Rita Pilato is the new Diamond addition to the record label Sochic4uMusic.
She is a very talented singer-melodist presently doing the London Mayor Gigs 2013 around London.

Having attended Musical Theatre Academy of Rome and recently played as Juliet in the famous Opera musical
Romeo & Juliet 3D live by Musical emotion, 23 years old singer, melodist-performer CleOfa born Rita Pilato
is one to watch in the coming years. Her full Biography is available here –> CleOfa’s Biography

Spotted late 2012 by her current Manager-Producer Cdeedie, CleOfa has been working ever since on her upcoming
EP (extended Play) called NaKeD on which she does a bit of everything musically. You will be able to find colors
from every angle of this earth, Arab-hip-hop, Pop-RnB, AfroBeat and Pop.

CleOfa has been working on NaKeD with Afro-american music producer Godwill, French Music producer JacksProducer
from the talented group NONSENS95, Video director Giuseppe Cifaratti. NaKeD has been completely recorded as of this writing
and CleOfa and Sochic4uMusic have had a recent release of her first single called Scar available on youtube.

Many other covers and videos are available also on youtube for the public to have a chance to get to know CleOfa better.
You can follow CleOfa on those social platforms:

Souncloud: CleOfa’s soundcloud under Sochic4uMusic record Label

Facebook: Cleofa’s page

Twitter: CleOfa’s Twitter

For any enquiry regarding CleOfa, get in touch @ Sochic4umusic here: or The record Label Twitter and Facebook page.

Facebook – Advertising or just a social trend?

We all know the giant social network Facebook whether we use it for business, to connect with friends or for both. I will go straight to the point and ask what’s the purpose of Facebook in today’s world?
Today’s biggest questions from the professional industry are:

Is it worth using Facebook advertising?
Is it worth using Facebook for our business?
Does it really work?

I didn’t ask my friends how Facebook works for them as we certainly do not have the same knowledge of Facebook or usage but what I keep asking myself is:

Why do I receive warnings from Facebook for sending my links to MY contacts?
Why only a small fraction of my friends can see my published information?
Do they have to like my information for it to appear in their news feed?
Would that mean because they did not like my post they were not interested in it?
How about Facebook Lurkers? Endless questions…


If you’ve heard of EgdeRank, Facebook algorithm, its should be pretty easy to answer the questions above which brings me to Why EgdeRank now? Do we all have to do like Google?

I believe EgdeRank is one of the reasons why Facebook advertising is not effective along with the fact that the community doesn’t still associate social media and advertising.

I tried several campaigns using Facebook advertising and with such a low CTR (click-through rate), no wonder many companies are cancelling their campaigns or are sceptic about using it. Google would certainly have found a solution to that by now (just being pushy 🙂 ).

By trying or imposing too much control on how the community is supposed to be at such an early stage is some how backfiring on Facebook, in my opinion. I grow frustrated when my closest friends won’t even see something that I posted. I thought the answer to that was posting often at different intervals.

But if you put in practice Facebook EdgeRank, its kinda contradictory cause if your friends never interact with your posts well I guess you might be posting a million times they will just never see it, just saying…

Hashtag is becoming operational on Facebook just like you will do with Twitter. Maybe the solution to more accuracy is there but then again it’s for the community to be fully be aware of it and use it effectively but we’ll leave this for another post probably.


Fashion changes frequently does that mean we should all go for the new trend? It will work for some of us according to the age, perception, belief, entourage, mentality, situation and many more. Social media are not any different. Peak the one that suits you best and don’t be afraid to drop the one that will give you more headache than ROI. Don’t be a follower, be a leader. Learn, analyse and take a decision.

I recently started to think about turning my attention to having a website, apply the required strategies needed to help it get to another level and support it with social media from time to time. Now from this post you can draw your conclusions on using Facebook advertising or not but think about EdgeRank, the meaning of a social network, it’s advantages and disadvantages.

I guess we’re all part of a blogging community so please do not hesitate to share your views but above all what your experience is with using Facebook and Facebook advertising.

It takes more than just a pretty website, a service or a product…

You’ve got a website and do not know what to do? Where to start? How to increase its traffic? How to match user requirement and expectation? Do not know if you are in compliance with Search Engine regulation?

Handling a business on-line takes time and a certain knowledge to succeed. An on-line marketer will certainly give you the best idea to make your website profitable but you still need to be able to make it visible out there in order to generate the best return on investment (ROI).

I am actually working on couple of projects for different type of clients and I enjoy the fact that I can sparkle their eyes with the ideas I drop on the table. It feels good really to know that there is a group of people out there waiting to hear what you have to say and actually giving them a smile. Those projects are entertaining and I am learning everyday about new ways to improve myself and give more accurate ideas.

One problem I came across which need addressing is the internet is changing and please, contact an SEO professional before you decide to go live. You might just end up rewriting it and waste some precious time and investment. You NEED an SEO professional to assess your ideas, site (if already designed), template (if not design yet), the structure and information structure before you can think about setting it live.

Beware in the selection of an SEO professional or agency, it’s not because they speak fluent SEO that mean they are good. An SEO expert should be able to address the short, mid and long-term vision of the business as a whole. Whether this involves the conception of the website, the development of the website and the business, its direct marketing strategy and recently its integration with social media.

You should think about SEO as optimization for search engine which we all know. But if we talk about optimization for search engine then technically your site should follow search engine guidelines specially Google guidelines. The thing is Google guidelines specify to build your site with the User in mind…

Organic result is SEO meaning your website should rank well in the Google SERP’s (search engine result pages) for targeted keywords which will drive traffic to your website. This alone represent 70% of search result and the most important result are the first 10 results. Meaning your website should compete for those spots. So a good design, a good direct marketing, a good online strategy with the various online channels addressed ( affiliate marketing, advertising, display, social media, SEO, SEM) should do the trick.

But please do not underestimate the conception of a website and your business, it takes more than just have a product, a service and the building of a website to be successful. Drop me an email for more info.

We want to hear what you have to say.. All of ya


 In this world, you have Leaders, followers and neutral people. Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion and action but taking the risk to do so makes you stand out from the others. In a good or bad way, it don’t matter, you’re just a leader. Some of you might say a leader is someone who knows what to say and when to say it.

Trust me, Preachers, Luther KIng, Malcom X, Tupac, Jay-z, Hugo Chavez as well as the current preachers of democracy Obama, Sarkozy, Alassane Ouatara etc and others are all leaders.

You are a leader because regardless of how people take the crap or good things that comes out of your mouth, you got the balls to stand up to the public and say what you gotta say and deal with the impact it creates.

Neutrals people are as dangerous as leaders in my opinion. But of course im not talking about pure neutrals, those who just know nothing about nothing. I am talking about those who rather not have a say and keep it for themselves.

Followers are followers, nothing much to say about them we know how fast they can change their vest (the majority for sure).

So because I do not agree with certain actions being done on this earth I should shut and get along with it? But how come was I able to witness “that action in particular” ? Well I got news for you, that person or those group of people who generated that action DID NOT SHUT THEIR MOUTH.. SO WHY SHOULD I ? Why is he allowed to say things because it suits him and I should be deprived of it? BOLLOCKS..

It’s about time we step up and fight for what we believe in and see how it works for everyone. We should all be allowed to live freely but if we’ve been taught certain traditional values and from one day to another we have to accommodate to please some individuals, I SAY NO! But this shit happens cause those individuals are the people in power..FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!

I won’t shut up, you’re not going to make me too, no one is going to make me too as long as I believe in what I am saying with facts. If someone try to stop me then im disturbing someone, then something might be right about what im saying after all..

I’m just fed up of people saying as long as someone is not disturbing you live your life. Yeah right.. And before I realise that motherfucker own me.. SPEAK UP SPEAK UP SPEAK !! SHARE YOUR FUCKING OPINION !! SOME OUT THERE NEEDS TO HEAR IT TO BE MOTIVATED.

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